Yes there are of course free blog sites, you just have to do a simple Google search for free blog sites and pick your favorite. 5. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then you can use the search box. It’s great and easy to use. The five methods above provide a great deal of control over who sees your posts and pages, but there’s always another solution with WordPress.

  • Donations page included
  • Change the Database User Password
  • It is user-friendly
  • RSS feeds built in so visitors can subscribe
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • Type kit Integration
  • Does it load lots of scripts, styles, or other assets
  • Masonry flat portfolio layout

You can configure it to email when it sees others trying to log into your WordPress dashboard. With HostGator WordPress Cloud hosting, you can experience 2x faster load time and 4x more scalable servers. Its effect is so huge that in fact, 40% of internet users said that they will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load (which is why it’s so important to speed up WordPress).

If you choose the small plan, then this plugin helps cache your site to speed it up. WP Super Cache – If you go with SiteGround (I would recommend you do), then you might not need this since they have this built-in with their GrowBig plan. If it’s not there, then it might live under the Settings menu, have its own menu item, speed up wordpress or even under Tools. Some plugins don’t have settings to control, so there will be no menu item. 8. Click on the “Installed Plugins” link under the Plugins menu to see what you have installed on your site.

You want to see if the plugin is compatible with your version. Once you install, you can click the “Activate” link and the plugin will be available for use. ThristyAffiliates – No matter if you plan on making money or not, you should use this free plugin to help you keep your links “clean.” If you’ve ever seen an affiliate link, they are nasty looking for the most part and long.

6. One you find a plugin you want, click the “Install Now” button.- Before you click install now, click the “more details” link. Once you find one you like, install and activate the theme by hovering your mouse over it. I began working with WordPress in 2004 and Joomla in 2007 and it has been incredible how they both have evolved over the years. But some also have them in other places, like below or above the content or in the header. While you can get many free social sharing plugins like Shareaholic, I would recommend Social Warfare to anyone.

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